Welcome to the course

Welcome to Learn to Draw! The greatest gift you'll gain through exploring any form of drawing or painting is becoming more aware of the world around you, by increasing the sensitivity to how you look and see. In this course we will cover the basic concepts of drawing what you see i.e. observational drawing.

Drawing is the foundation for all art making and as such is an essential skill. I believe that it is a skill that can be taught.

Drawing well is more a skill of the brain, than the hands. How the brain interprets what we see is far more important than the fine motor skills required to make the pencil marks that translate to drawing. All art consists of important elements, some of which we will cover in this course.Once we understand the concepts of line, form, value, light and shade, we are then equipped to draw what we see.

The following lessons, videos and exercises will cover these concepts and give you a clear understanding of how to draw successfully.

Most importantly, have fun and happy drawing!

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